Awesome Text interview with Maya Borude

awesome text interview with maya borude (2)


awesome text interview with maya borude (2)


I had a great text interview interaction with Maya Borude. how she started her digital marketing journey as an employee in Suvidha Foundation. she is a great digital marketer specialized in social media marketing.

Her path is amazing, but it is also a roller coaster journey. she has grown herself as a digital marketer. I had conducted a text-based interview with her.

in a Text-based Interview with Maya Borude, I asked her some questions regarding digital marketing as a career.

The Following is the Text Interview Outline:

Snehal Aher: Hi Maya, How are you?

Maya Borude: I am good, thanks for asking.


Snehal Aher: How did you start your Digital Marketing Journey?

Maya Borude: When I was doing my post-graduation at that time I have completed many online courses related to digital marketing and after that, I have shown my interest in the digital marketing field and I want to grow my career in the digital marketing field. so I have started my journey with the Suvidha Foundation as social media marketer.


Snehal Aher: According to your What is Digital Marketing?

Maya Borude: According to my point of view digital marketing is nothing but the promotion of our brands. and connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.


Snehal Aher: Great answer, so according to you how social media plays important role in branding?

Maya Borude: According to me Social media helps to develop loyal fans and generates leads. A good social media presence enables a brand to form good customer relationships, also decrease marketing expenses, and increase sales.


Snehal Aher: Well said Maya, awesome answer. so my next question is to you that how will you see yourself in the next 5 years as a digital marketer?

Maya Borude:  Well,  as a newbie in digital marketing I want to learn many things related to digital marketing and improve my overall experience in the digital marketing field. and after the next five years, I want to start my own company where I will provide my services to my clients and customers and grow my personal brand.


Snehal Aher: That’s the very good thing, Maya, I wish you all the very best for your future journey.

Maya Borude: Thank you snehal


Snehal Aher: It was a really great interview with you Maya and thank you for giving your valuable time and sharing remarkable things with me.

Maya Borude: Thank you snehal.



It was great to interview Maya. thank you for your valuable time. Readers, I hope you like this post after reading this interview.

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Snehal Aher.

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