How to Write SEO-Friendly blog posts like an Expert – 2022

How to Write SEO-Friendly blog posts (1)

Do you have a blog? Then this is the article for you. Are you writing a lot of blog posts but none of them are ranking on search engines? Then I have got a solution for you. I will show you how to write an SEO-friendly article for your blog posts so that your website ranks higher in search engines.

How to Write SEO-Friendly blog posts (1)

I will go through some tactics with you so you can apply them to your blog posts and write SEO-friendly article blog posts like a pro. To produce an SEO-friendly article, we must first decide on a decent title for our blog posts and then compose a short and straightforward paragraph for our blog articles. All of this will be discussed further.


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Strategies for Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Posts Article                         

Following are Strategies to Write SEO-friendly article for Blog Posts

There are two types of SEO-

A. On-Page SEO

B. Off-Page SEO

To write an SEO-Friendly article for Blog Posts you have to follow On-Page as well as Off-Page SEO steps.

Follow these methods in On-Page SEO to develop SEO-Friendly Blog Posts Article:

1) Use Appropriate Title Tag-

Before you begin writing blog posts, consider the good title of the piece. Create an appropriate title for a blog post. To optimize your post title for SEO, utilize your core keyword in the article heading.

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Here are some suggestions for Post Heading –

a. No more than 12 words can be used in the Title.

b. Use your main keyword in the heading to optimize the post’s heading.

c. No more than 60 characters in the heading.


2) Optimize the Meta Description-

Optimize the post’s description so that it ranks well in search engines. The meta description of your article can be up to 160 characters long. If the meta description exceeds this limit, it is not beneficial for SEO.

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3) Make Use of Keyword – (Keyword Density) –

When writing an article, attempt to use your keyword whenever possible. It’s called keyword density. keyword density is the average number of times keywords are repeated for every 100 words. Keywords may be used throughout the article, however, keyword stuffing is not permitted. When you are compelled to utilize a keyword, employ the primary keyword. As a result, it might help in the optimization of your blog article.

4)  Keep Paragraph Short for the SEO-Friendly article Blog Posts-

When you begin writing your blog post, break it into short-short sections. In each paragraph, write at least two to three lines.

As a result, when the reader reads the piece, it appears to be well-written and the reader immediately understands what he has read. and try to relate the flow of one paragraph to the flow of another.

5) Use well Optimize Image (Alt Tag)-

When writing a post, use images whenever possible. When writing a big article of up to 2000 words, use at least 3 to 4 photographs; otherwise, use 1 to 2 images for a short essay.

Make use of an image that is appropriate for your topic. If you use an image from another source, give credit to that source.



    Following are some of the tips for Post Image

a.  Use high-quality Image.

b. Give a caption to the image.

c. Use images that are related to content.

To create SEO-friendly blog articles, use the following Off-Page SEO techniques:

1) Use External links Whenever Necessary- (create Backlinks)

When writing an article, if you make a reference to another website, use links to connect the two. It is beneficial to obtain backlinks from that website in order to improve your blog article for off-page SEO objectives.

2) Keep your Blog Post Content up to Date-

The last tip for a write SEO-friendly article Blog Posts is whenever it is possible for you to update the content of a blog post from time to time so it will help to rank posts in search engines.


If you follow all these steps when you write your blog post article. then it will help you to optimize your article for SEO purposes. All these steps are important to optimize blog articles for SEO-related.

So why are you waiting to go and write your blog post article and follow all these steps mentioned above? It will help you to optimize your article for SEO purposes. and it will also help you to rank your article in search engines.

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Snehal Aher.

How do I write a SEO friendly blog posts in 2022?

1) Use Appropriate Title Tag

2) Optimize the Meta Description

3) Make Use of Keyword

4) Keep Paragraph Short for the SEO-Friendly article Blog Posts

5) Use well Optimize Image (Alt Tag)

How to Write SEO-Friendly blog posts
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How to Write SEO-Friendly blog posts
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